Who Is Celine Ong

Financial Consultant & Personal Wealth Manager. Your Lifelong Friend.

Celine began her career as a financial consultant while maintaining her scholarship as a SMU Accountancy student. She exemplifies a strong foundation in financial knowledge and a commitment to excellence.

Her passion for personal finance stems from a personal realization of its profound impact on individuals' lives, particularly through observing her own family's experiences. This first-hand understanding has driven Celine's desire to empower young people and help them make informed financial decisions that will shape their futures.

Celine is known for her genuine interest in establishing meaningful connections with her clients. By walking alongside them in their life journeys, she strives to make a lasting impact and provide ongoing support.

As a trusted financial advisor, Celine remains up-to-date with the latest industry trends and developments. By staying ahead of the curve, she ensures that her clients receive the most relevant and effective strategies tailored to their evolving needs.

Celine's ultimate objective is to empower individuals to take control of their financial futures and build a community of 500 young professionals and families who have the knowledge and confidence to secure their future goals while also preserving their short-term aspirations.

Expertise and Specializations

Celine offers comprehensive advisory services primarily to medium to high net worth individuals, while also extending her expertise and support to families seeking financial planning.

Experience next-level wealth advisory with her personalized consultation process.


Financial Advisory

To empower you in managing your wealth effectively and accomplishing attainable financial objectives.


Wealth Management

To protect what is precious. Helping you manage your wealth, ensuring comprehensive coverage in all areas.


Personal Investment

To live a financially free live, guiding you in making well-informed investment choices and cultivating your wealth according to your preferences and goals.


Retirement Planning

To secure a lasting legacy that extends beyond your lifetime, ensuring you have ample resources to thrive even as time progresses.


Mortgage Planning

For Mortgage Insurance and understanding where your property fits in your financial portfolio.


Estate Planning

To ensure that your assets are passed down to your loved ones, keeping your legacy and loved ones protected.

What Her Client Says

Really thankful for her guidance!

One thing I learnt from Celine would be the different types of investment strategies. Being a complete newbie, Celine really helped me by identifying what long-term investing really is and how to ensure that I am investing my way, helping me to move one step closer to achieving financial freedom!! – Ashman (Design)

Patient, Comprehensive, Genuine!

Celine is really patient and nice to share with everything about financial literacy, especially when I have no knowledge. She managed to concise everything into bite-sized pieces so that it was comprehensive and at the same time insightful! I felt that Celine is genuine as she mapped my finances and I felt that my best interests were always put first. – Dilys (Law)

Celine is Thoughtful and Professional!

I really appreciated how insightful and knowledgeable Celine was about what she shared with me. She explained her points well, and answered every question I had in a way that I could easily understand. She was also charismatic and easy to talk to, creating a comfortable environment where I did not feel uneasy. After our talk, I learnt a lot about various investment options, and I am interested in finding out more. One thing I find unique about Celine is how patient and thoughtful she was throughout the presentation. She carried herself in a professional yet laid back manner that made it easy and fun to chat with her. Whenever I had a question, she took the time to carefully guide me through her answer so that I knew exactly what she was talking about. Over the course of her sharing, I appreciated how comfortable she made me while chatting with her. – Travis (Engineering)

Celine is for my best interest!

I like how Celine helped me to map out my financial freedom. She is very clear and not too heavy on the number jargon. I really appreciate how Celine does not hard sell and I feel like she has my finances at heart! – Charlene (Fitness, Marketing)

Celine ensures that my portfolio is optimized and she makes me feel comfortable!

I like how Celine listens and cares for my needs before anything, as she will take the time to study my portfolio to ensure that my portfolio is optimized and maximised! Having a consultation with her made me feel comfortable as compared to other advisors I’ve met! – Rachel (Marketing)

Competent, really big help

Celine is really patient, and she is competent as she took the time to answer all my doubts. She is different from other advisors, and she ensures that my needs are met first. Celine had also changed my perspective on financial consultants. Thank you for listening and solving my complicated issue on my savings and more! Really big help! – Fatiha (Nurse)


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